Business history background of intelligent sweeping robot
The sweeping robot, also known as the robot vacuum cleaner, can be seen from the name. The sweeping robot has a great relationship with the vacuum cleaner. So what is the development history of the sweeping robot? Let's take a look at the evolution history of the sweeper. The business history background of the machine.

The predecessor of the intelligent sweeping robot is the vacuum cleaner. The first modern vacuum cleaner was invented by the Britishman Hubert Booz in 1901. The main components are relatively simple, mainly electric extractor, vacuum pump, dust bag, hose and each. A variety of shapes of nozzles. In 1996, Swedish home appliance giant Electrolux developed the first mass-produced sweeping robot "Trilobite" based on the vacuum cleaner. The sweeping robot officially began to appear. Now many sweeping robot brand companies have developed in the clean and vacuum industry, such as the Fumart sweeper. In 2003, Fumart launched the world's first intelligent sweeping machine, officially began to enter the cleaning industry, and then gradually walked The development of intelligent sweeping robots.

In retrospect, THEIRobot launched the Roomba sweeping robot, a milestone in the history of sweeping robots. The Roomba sweeping robot was welcomed by the market after it was released. Once it was launched, it was a great success. Other companies saw huge business opportunities. Many companies entered the sweeping robot market and gradually introduced various types of sweeping robots. This promotes the increase in the number of sweeping robots while also promoting the quality of the period. Throughout the sweeping of the business history background of the intelligent sweeping robot, the development time of the robot for more than ten years, we can find that the technical change of the sweeping robot has gone through two major stages:

1. The sweeping function is perfect. The most essential work of the sweeping robot is to complete the ground cleaning work. If the basic cleaning work cannot be satisfied, then the sweeping robot has no meaning. Therefore, the early sweeping robot is mainly to improve the cleaning system. And work. This is why the early Purmat's sweeping robot has been working to improve its intelligence, update and improve functions such as the Fummat sensing system and cleaning path. Fumart also joined forces with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to innovate the original cleaning path.

2, cleaning intelligent stage, sweeping robot is to replace people to work, need to identify and sense the home environment, so the sweeping robot began to add some additional intelligent technology, such as Fumart began to increase intelligent recharge, climb more Barrier, anti-drop function, APP remote control function, etc.

Although sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners are inextricably linked, in some places, after years of technological precipitation and innovation, sweeping robots have more innovative features than vacuum cleaners, and are more suitable for people's efficient and busy life in modern society. With the continuous advancement and development of the sweeping robot industry, sweeping robots have gradually gained recognition from users. In order to obtain more user groups, in addition to the price game, each brand manufacturer is constantly updating the intelligence of the sweeping robot.